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Thoughts on Ramadan

It's the Holly month of Ramadan, and although I have lived in Manchester surrounded by a significant muslim community and witnessed their fasting nothing is comparable to the face of Ramadan in Saudi. Saudi Arabia known as the Holly country of Islam assume an extremely spiritual identity during the month of Ramadan. It can be… Continue reading Thoughts on Ramadan

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A getaway to Jeddah

7 weeks had gone and although there is still a lot to explore in Riyadh, as a sea lover I knew it would not take me longer to get on a flight and land in neighborhood Jeddah. It’s definitely not a hidden gem for us Saudi expats, actually extremely popular within the borders of the… Continue reading A getaway to Jeddah

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It’s real – Saudi is in Action

A paradigm shift took place in Saudi Arabia this week. Families and friends gather around movie posters taking selfies, holding popcorns and frizzy drinks, excited for what is to come, soaking up an experience that for years was denied - a trip to the cinema! Although it sounds pretty mundane it is actually a novel… Continue reading It’s real – Saudi is in Action

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The rise of the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia

  It is time to celebrate progress!! The ultraconservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia is opening for the first time in more than 35 years public cinema! This major event is taking place in Riyadh in less than 4 days and the theater will not be segregated by gender as most of the public spaces in… Continue reading The rise of the entertainment industry in Saudi Arabia

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Implicit bias on Hijab and Niqab

While trying to understand the reasons behind why muslim women have such a conservative dress code I came across with this article which is well worth to read. Although I see myself as a very open minded person sometimes I still struggle on eliminating assumptions and preconceived implicit labels. It made me rethink about religion… Continue reading Implicit bias on Hijab and Niqab